• Aug 24

    Chemotherapy Hair Loss in Cancer Patients

    Chemotherapy is a medical procedure that involves employment of powerful drugs to destroy cancer cells. This procedure regrettably, not only kills cancer cells but also many other normal cells, especially, in the digestive system, bone marrow and hair follicles leading to evident inevitable side effects like reduction in blood count and hair loss. Chemotherapy hair loss is something that can be debilitating, unless you know how to deal with it properly. Chemotherapy Induced Hair Loss Chemotherapy hair loss can bring about partial or total hair loss not only in the scalp (Al-Tameemi et al, 2014 and Sharaova et al, 2014), but also armpits, eyelashes, ....Read More

  • Aug 21

    What You Should Know Before Getting Hair Transplants

    Here's what you should know before getting hair transplants: first, it is better to find a hair clinic with significant experience in delivering the best results. You should also look for hair clinics accredited with certifications such as ISO and membership of industry related associations. Competency and result of their hair loss treatments is what distinguishes a reputed hair clinic from another. If your hair loss problem is genetic in nature, chances of hair loss treatment success are absolutely minimal. Newspapers, television channels, billboards, classified columns, and online directories of today are filled with advertisements of hair clinics ....Read More

  • Aug 19

    Best Products by Hair Type

    Hair care is a topic on everyone’s mind whether you think it is or not. It can be as small as what type of shampoo and conditioner you get at the store to whether or not a dye is the good way to go. Taking care of your luscious locks can be tricky, especially if you don’t know if you are doing it wrong. It is entirely untrue that there’s nothing you can do to help your hair. Since everyone is unique, it is only fair that treatment of the body is fit to a certain standard, tailored for your specific needs. No matter what hair type you have, there are products to make things just a little bit easier. Instead of trying to use products that ....Read More

  • Aug 14

    Vitamin D for Hair Loss

    Vitamin D is a group of fat soluble steroids useful in the absorption of calcium and phosphate. Recent scientific research indicates that Vitamin D is directly linked to hair growth. Study report published in the journal Stem Cell Translational Medicine testifies that Vitamin D can create new follicles. According to recommendation of The Office of Dietary Supplements, an adult individual should get 15 micrograms of Vitamin D daily. Salmon, swordfish, mushroom, grains, orange juice and fortified milk are the best food resources of Vitamin D. Going outside too will be helpful as vitamins are produced through direct contact with the sun. It often ....Read More

  • Aug 12

    7 Flattering Hair Cuts for Men with Thinning Hair

    Just because you're a man and your hair is thinning does not mean that it's time for the big shave. Here we have compiled a list of 7 flattering hair cuts for men with thinning hair that are sure to boost your confidence!   Flow Free A haircut that keeps length in mind, the free flowing strands allow even thin hair to be wild. This flowing haircut doesn’t have a part, giving the hair the freedom to change direction at the swish of the wind. The longer strands can be styled to give it a fuller look or even the random brush of finger through the hair as well. The cut is still short and close to the head, yet it gives those who want ....Read More

  • Aug 07

    7 Flattering Haircuts for Women with Thinning Hair

    Although we may feel limited by our circumstances, that does not mean they need to define us. Hair is no different. Whether it’s a thinning dealt with from birth or the kind we get with age, the luxurious locks are not always feasible throughout life. While some of us have those thick strands blanketing our heads, not all of us have the luxury of flexible hair styles. Thicker hair has more options when it comes to cuts, shaping and hairstyles, but that doesn’t mean that thin hair is at a loss, so to speak. Although men are more limited in their hair choices, that doesn’t mean they are helpless to their circumstances. Thinning hair is a ....Read More

  • Aug 03

    Can Pomade Cause Hair Problems?

    While we think of styling products as being used mainly by women, men have been using pomade in their hair since the beginning of the last century. Although the formulas have changed and developed over the years, the standard, oil-based pomade is used for the same reason as it always has been – to give men’s hair control, shine and hold. Pomade is essential to achieving the more classic, retro hairstyles and while there are many more water-based products available on the market, the oil-based formula still has certain advantages, particularly in terms of reworking the hair throughout the day and not drying it out. However, unlike water-based ....Read More

  • Jul 14

    Effective Biotin Supplement for Hair Loss

    Regenepure Launches Effective Biotin Supplement for Hair Loss Say goodbye to thinning, lifeless hair for good Hallandale Beach, FL (August 3, 2015) – Regenepure by Salonceuticals, Inc., one of the most well respected hair loss solution brands, has just launched their highly anticipated Advanced Hair Loss Supplement with Biotin. Regenepure Essentials Hair Loss Supplement was designed specifically for hair loss issues and has been scientifically formulated with the highest quality ingredients to help support thinning hair for a stronger and healthier appearance. Biotin, one of the key ingredients in Regenepure Essentials Advanced Hair Loss Formula, ....Read More

  • May 13

    Saw Palmetto For Hair Loss

    What exactly is saw palmetto? The words have popped up in many an article that discusses hair loss, but many people are not entirely sure of what it is and how it affects hair loss. Read on to learn more about the amazing fruit. Saw Palmetto Origins and Side Effects Saw palmetto was originally used by Native Americans to treat urinary tract infections, and was also used as a food source. In subsequent years, people began to use the fruit as a natural remedy to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia as well as hair loss. Furthermore, saw palmetto supplements can be found in many forms; including oil, tablet, liquid extract, capsule, and soft gel. Saw ....Read More

  • May 07

    Regenepure DR as DHT Blocker Shampoo

    DHT is often the first thing that comes to mind when many people think of male pattern baldness. Fortunately, there are DHT blocking shampoos, such as the Regenepure DR shampoo, that help block DHT and facilitate hair growth. How DHT Causes Hair Loss Regenepure DR is a hair loss treatment shampoo that is sulphate and parabens free. It can be used by both men and women to help reduce hair loss and only uses premium-grade ingredients that have been clinically proven to reduce hair loss in men and women. The rich formula will help nourish and revitalize your hair and scalp and help block the hair loss androgen DHT. DHT attaches itself to hair follicle ....Read More

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