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The best hair growth shampoo out there 0-star1-star2-star3-star4-star

I love the feeling I am getting with just one use. My hair feel healthy and it gives a very soothing feeling to my scalp. I am positive that with regular usage that my hairs will decrease falling.



Fine shampoo, nice fresh scent. I feel that it is a positive contribution to my regime against hair loss.


Well Worth It

While I haven't paid this much for a shampoo in, well...ever, it was totally worth it. I tried head & shoulders and other dandruff fighting shampoos, but they never fully worked. These shampoos really deliver. In addition, I had a nice experience with their customer service. I called in and they explained how to use these products together. Overall a good experience. I will continue to use this product for sure!


Better than Revivogen

I have tried SO many shampoos that claim they will help with hair loss. Nizorol and revivogen left my hair way too dry and didn't help my shedding. So far, regenepure has done the trick. I've used both shampoos (every other day) and will continue to use! This is the best shampoo I have ever used!


Thinning hair no more

I have color treated thinning hair. I am 54, and was using Nioxin system 3 shampoo only with Rogaine. Worked forever until Proctor & Gamble changed the product. Anyone familiar with Nioxin knows what I mean. I tried numerous products but was disappointed with the results. This product, after one month has me sprouting new short hairs everywhere on my head. My hair looks thicker, is definitely softer, and more manageable. I use the DR & NT on one day, and then the NT by itself the next day. I do use a leave in conditioner too. You can't go wrong with this combo. Give it a try. Extremely Satisfied!



AMAZING scalp treatment. I bought this to treat my dandruff and after the first couple uses, I am not having issues with it any more. My hair is in better shape too! I would totally recommend this product to people with dandruff!


Minty Fresh

I give this product 5 stars because it seems to deep clean and keep the itching away. Its a great product, and its feels minty on your scalp and does not smell mediciney.


Forget bout the Cap

Well it came to me with a white cap instead of green and got me worried because someone else here had the same too and he was worried it is a counterfeit and also, the declaration for the item is $20 instead of $25. So, since I ordered direct from Salonceuticals, I emailed them and this is what they said. "We are currently producing RegenePure DR with white caps instead of the green ones due to a shortage. This is the correct product. We only declare $20 on customs so that it clears faster & doesn’t take as long for shipping." I am very pleased with their fast response. I have only used the shampoo one time. It doesn't lather alot so dont use use too much thinking that you didn't put enough since there is barely any lather. I suppose at the rate I'm using it(once a day) it might last me probably 2-3 months. I notice that hair gets very very soft after the first wash and having flat hair on a thinning scalp is not really what I look for but I make up for it with a volumizing shampoo that I use before going out. Overall I have not used this product long enough to tell if it works, but based on reviews and videos on the net, I am pretty confident of my choice. Hope you guys have satisfying effect


Thinnin out no

I have tried many products for thinning hair. After less than 15 days I am loosing less hair and notice an improved thickness. I don't think I've grown hair yet...but, I have gone from about 100 hairs to less than 10 lossed in the shower. When I apply my other product my hair does not drop off my head when I touch it. This product is amazing!


Working GREAT

I have been losing my hair for a while now, and decided I needed to take action. I have been using the NT for over two weeks now. The shedding has slowed down majorly and my hair feels thicker. Great hair growth, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed by Spring. I'm liking this shampoo!