HAIR LOSS Treatments

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The entire Regenepure line has been voted the best hair loss treatment for men and women because of our dedication to quality, effective ingredients without the harmful chemicals, sulfates, and parabens. If you're a beginner looking to remove DHT build up from the scalp and prepare the scalp for new growth, you should look into purchasing the Regenepure Kit, which contains Regenepure DR and NT. Alternating between the DR and NT helps make the products more effective, while also preventing over-drying of the scalp from the ingredients present in Regenepure DR. The NT is a nourishing treatment that also stimulates the follicles with its components of caffeine, saw palmetto extract, and more. Together, the DR and NT are incredible hair loss prevention products.
If you have more of dry or combination hair, using the Regenepure Kit with conditioner will be most beneficial for you. These hair loss products can help curb hair loss, without sacrificing the scalp of the necessary moisture it needs for a proper environment for new growth in the follicle. This kit is perfect for someone with dryer hair who wants their hair to look and feel thicker. If you're someone suffering from evident bald spots on your scalp, it's important to include a powerful minoxidil treatment into your hair care regimen. Combining Regenepure DR with the minoxidil is a strong hair growth combo, as the DR removes DHT, while the minoxidil helps to stimulate growth. Minoxidil is the only FDA-approved hair loss ingredient that is clinically proven to regrow hair. It is an effective male pattern baldness treatment that, with continued use, will give you the results you long for.