Restoration Kit (DR + NT + Biotin Conditioner)


The Regenepure Kit with Biotin Conditioner consists of the Regenepure NT Nourishing Treatment Shampoo, the Regenepure DR Hair and Scalp Treatment Shampoo, and the Regenepure Intense Volumizing Biotin Hair Growth Conditioner.


Individual results may vary. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Regenepure DR Shampoo

By combining the benevolent properties of the Regenepure NT Nourishing Treatment Shampoo, the Regenepure Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner, and the Regenepure DR Hair and Scalp Treatment Shampoo, users will be able to nourish, strengthen, and cleanse their hair. For instance, the Dr Shampoo can properly cleanse and prepare the scalp to absorb the nutrients from the NT, while the NT shampoo and biotin conditioners will add sheen, thickness, and volume to hair that was formerly lifeless.  . The Dr Shampoo can curb scalp itching and flakes helping foster a healthy environment for optimal hair growth.

Regenepure NT Shampoo and Lecithin + Emu Oil

Moreover the NT moisturizing shampoo contains ingredients such as lecithin and emu oil to help improve hair lustre and thickness. For instance, lecithin has been shown to repair dry and brittle hair. It also has the ability to prevent cellular oxidation, as well as promote cellular membrane vitality and break down fats. In addition, lecithin can also help promote sleep, which is imperative to hair growth, as hair grows significantly faster when a person is at rest. As for emu oil, studies have shown that is can help revive hair follicles. In fact, a study conducted at the Boston University School of Medicine found that subjects who were treated with emu oil reported a 20% increase in hair growth formation when compared to subjects who were treated with corn oil. The study also found that emu oil caused 80% of hair follicles that were a part of the resting cycle of hair to awaken, accelerating hair growth exponentially.

How Biotin & Copper Peptides Facilitate Hair Growth

Finally, the Biotin Conditioner helps provide hair with the nutrients it needs to grow and flourish optimally. For example, biotin has been shown to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth. In fact, studies have shown that people who suffer from biotin deficiency reported increased hair loss, as well as noticeable hair breakage. In addition, the copper peptides in the conditioner can help people who suffer from thinning hair. The secret lies in the copper peptide known as tripeptide GHK, a copper peptide that has the ability to remodel anatomical tissue. The copper peptides also help reduce inflammation in the body and help curb the development of various degenerative diseases and disorders. In other words, copper peptides can assist in hair growth by reducing follicular cell degeneration while augmenting follicular cell proliferation.


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