When dealing with hair loss, it's important to fully understand what your scalp needs in order to possibly stimulate new growth. That's why we created a specialized regimen especially for men. Each product works hand in hand with one another to possibly cleanse the scalp, stimulate new growth, and deeply condition to give you the hair you have always wanted.

Recommended Products

Regenepure DR Hair Loss Scalp Treatment Shampoo &  Regenepure NT Nourishing Treatment Shampoo

Regenepure Kit (DR + NT)

The Regenepure Kit consists of the Regenepure DR Hair and Scalp Treatment Shampoo and the Regenepure NT Nourishing Treatment Shampoo. When used in tandem vitality is maximized. Regenepure DR &...

Regenepure Hair Loss Shampoos plus Biotin hair growth Conditioner

Regenepure Kit with Conditioner (DR + NT + Conditioner)

The Regenepure Kit with Biotin Conditioner consists of the Regenepure NT Nourishing Treatment Shampoo, the Regenepure DR Hair and Scalp Treatment Shampoo, and the Regenepure Intense Volumizing Biotin ...

Ultimate Hair Loss treatment and hair regrowth kit for men

Regenepure Minoxidil Combo (DR + NT + Minoxidil)

Improve the health of your hair and negate the effects of hair shedding and fall, aging with the tried and true combination of DR and NT hair nourishing shampoos and the highly potent and effective ...

Regenepure Ketoconazole shampoo and Minoxidil Spray

Regenepure DR + Minoxidil

The combination of the Regenepure DR and the Regenepure Precision Minoxidil Spray is the perfect duo to revitalize hair. Regenepure DR is designed to tackle the hair follicles of negative stimulants ...

Regenepure Ketoconazole Shampoo and Biotin Hair Growth Conditioner

Regenepure DR + Biotin Conditioner

Gently cleanse away impurities while nourishing your scalp and hair with Regenepure DR and the Regenepure Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner. Regenepure DR is a hair and scalp treatment shampoo f...

Regenepure Complete Hair Loss Treatment solution Kit

Regenepure Complete (DR + NT + Minoxidil + Biotin Conditioner)

Revive the hair you already have and get the hair you deserve with this ultimate Regenepure package. Containing the Regenepure DR, Regenepure NT, The Regenepure Precision Minoxidil Spray and Intense ...

Complete Hair loss and hair regrowth system by Regenepure

The Complete Regenepure Hair Care & Regrowth System

Regenepure DR + NT + Biotin Conditioner + Minoxidil 5% Spray + Hair Supplement. This Complete Regenepure System is everything you need to fight back against hair loss, both internally and externally. ...


Complete Regenepure Hair Care System without Minoxidil

The Complete Regenepure System without Minoxidil (DR + NT + Biotin Conditioner + Supplement). Now you can, with the complete Regenepure System. Curb hair fall, stimulate new growth, and deeply moistur...