5 Hair Care Tips for Fall

We are all aware of the change in seasons, and with the change comes a wide array of good things and bad ones from health problems to daily routines, which affect us more than we realize. Now that it’s time to say goodbye to the warmth of Summer, we also have to welcome the chilly weather of Fall and everything that comes with it. Although most of us love the Fall perks, like pumpkin-flavored treats, holidays with the family, and those gorgeous Fall clothes, a change in seasons can wreak havoc on your hair.

Instead of waiting for the glory of spring and summertime next year to revitalize your hair, focusing on what you can do to help your hair out now. Fall is a time for change, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose your luscious locks with the departure of summer. Luckily, we have just the thing for you. With these five hair care tips for fall, you can’t go wrong.


As much as we love Summer, sun rays damage our hair. Continued exposure to heat can cause our ends to break, which stops new hair growth. We see it all the time when people use hair styling products with heat involved, like straighteners and curling irons. No one wants to live with split ends or breakage, so try getting a trim at the start of Fall. Not only will a simple snip to the ends liven up your hair, and get rid of those unnecessary broken parts, but trimming will give you the opportunity to try a new look for a new season.

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If you feel like you want to go all out, then try a whole new hairstyle. Colder weather doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have longer hair. If a trim isn’t good enough for you, take a bunch off. Trying out a new hairstyle can help you with the bad ends, and give you opportunity later once the improved hair strands make their debut! These important hair care tips for fall will dramatically chance the appearance of your hair.

Moisturize and Seal

We know frizz caused by extra moisture can add to the headache of your bad hair day, but since summer is gone and Fall has arrived, adding moisture to your daily hair routine can be one of the best things for you. Cooler weather also means dry weather, and with that dandruff and other pesky conditions arise. Finding a product that is healthy for your hair, and can protect your strands from the elements would be beneficial to you. Prepare for the wind and cold by using Regenepure Intense Volumizing Biotin Conditioner, which nourishes your hair and moisturizes your scalp. This is a great option because it makes your hair more resistant to damage, and gives it the volume you desire. Seal the moisture in with a healthy oil after each use of the product, and notice the difference before the year is up.

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Watch out for wool

It keeps us warm, and is a guilty pleasure wear for the Fall season, but wool can be horrible for your hair. This everday product has bad side effects, like depleting moisture and oils that come naturally from your hair. It can rub against your delicate strands and cause breakage, too, so finding good products that replenish the natural moisture and doing simple things to save your hair can go a long way.

Unfortunately wool is everywhere – scarves, sweaters, hats – it’s endless in the Fall season. It’s nearly impossible not to wear the fabric during this season. If you can’t escape it, try adding an extra piece of fabric to your wardrobe. If you wear a wool hat, wrap your hair in a scarf (one that’s not wool) before you put your hat on. This stops you from getting hat hair and protects the strands from wool damaging effects.

Choose a no-fuss hairstyle

Why make more work for yourself if you don’t have to? It may seem like a no brainer, but styling your hair so it is easily maintainable could be one of the best things for you. Not only does it limit the stress of having to look good, which causes you to lose hair by worrying about it, but it also allows you to revel in the joys of Fall.

The cooler weather that accompanies the Fall time can cause the hair to break easily, so snatching up a style that fits you and is an easy fix could be exactly what you’re looking for. Your no fuss hairstyle can be any length, and it’s definitely something you will thank yourself for later.  Another upside? Spending less time on your hair can free up a ton of time throughout the day!

Massage your scalp

We probably don’t have to convince you much for this one. Who doesn’t love a good massage? Honestly though, investing in products or a treatment that incorporates a massage for the scalp can help your hair tremendously. Not only will you enjoy a wonderful massage, but your scalp will love it too, since a relaxing massage will increase the blood circulation on your head. Increasing the blood flow can help your hair grow, and give you healthier hair and a better feeling head.

massage your scalp

Take a few minutes each day to indulge in the wonderful feeling of massage. Your hair will appreciate it in the long run, plus it will leave you feeling relaxed and combat the stress of holiday shopping.

These are only a few things you can do to kick off the Fall season. Some simple tricks can make the world of difference, and we all love our hair, whether we think we do or not. It protects us from the cold during this time of year, so it’s only fair that we protect it, too. Make sure to keep these hair care tips for fall in mind!

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