Female Hair Loss: Causes and Treatments

Debunking the Myths

Despite popular belief, women are almost as likely to lose their hair, or at the very least have thinning hair, as men. However, while men who suffer from hair loss tend to notice the first signs in their mid 30s, women tend to notice it in their 50s or 60s.


The First Signs

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, most people will lose between 50 to 100 hairs per day. In fact, many will lose as many as 250 hairs per day after washing their hair. However, women who are suffering from abnormal hair loss may notice clumps of fallen hair on their pillow when they first get up in the morning.

Some women will also notice more hair on their combs after they are done brushing their hair before going out.

Differentiating Male Pattern and Female Pattern Hair Loss

In men, hair tends to recede from the crown of the head or the forehead. In women, hair loss is usually first noticed on the top third to one half of the scalp.

In other words, more of their scalp may appear than normal when they comb their hair back or they may see a part of their scalp that gradually becomes wider with time.

Identifying the Cause

In order to identify the possible causes of the hair loss, many doctors will initially recommend blood tests in order to determine if the hair loss is being caused by an autoimmune disease or the thyroid gland.

Family History and Scalp Inspections

Most doctors will also go over the family history of the patient, asking the patient if their mother, grandmother, and aunts suffered from similar or greater hair loss over the years.

They will also use magnification technology to analyze the size of the patient’s follicles at different parts of the scalp.

In many cases, assessing a women’s family history and noticing thinner and thicker hair follicles on different parts of the scalp are telltale signs that the patient is suffering from female pattern hair loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia.

Alarming Statistics on Androgenetic Alopecia

Androgenetic alopecia is a hereditary condition that affects roughly 30 million women in America alone. In fact, 50% of women will develop androgenetic alopecia at some part of their lifetime, and, while most will first notice the signs in their 50s or 60s, it can occur at any age, including adolescence.

How Androgenetic Alopecia Causes Hair Loss

Generally speaking, when a normal hair follicle falls out it is replaced by a hair follicle of equal size. However, a women suffering from androgenetic alopecia will have new hair that is actually thinner and finer than the former hair. As time passes, the hair follicles will become thinner and thinner until they stop growing altogether.

Other Possible Causes

In some cases, female hair loss may be caused by anemia, pregnancy, menopause, excess vitamin A, extreme weight loss over a short duration, severe illness, physical trauma (i.e., surgery), and numerous skin conditions; including seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis.

Female Hair Loss Treatments

Currently, the only FDA approved topical medication for androgenetic alopecia is a 5% concentration of Minoxidil (Rogaine). Interestingly, a clinical trial found that 81% of women who used the topical application daily noticed newfound hair growth, with noticeable results taking 2 to 3 months. Moreover, over the counter 2% and 5% liquid solutions are also available as options.

The Regenepure Kit

The Regenepure kit consists of the Regenepure Nourishing Treatment (NT) Shampoo, Regenepure DR Hair and Scalp Treatment Shampoo, and the Regenepure Intense Volumizing Biotin Hair Growth Conditioner.

Minoxidil Hair Growth Spray For Women

Regenepure Precision 5% Minoxidil Spray for Women contains the only clinically-proven and FDA approved topical ingredient to treat hair thinning and regrow hair in women. Once daily spray without the mess or cleanup.

Regenepure NT Shampoo

The Regenepure NT Shampoo contains moisturizing ingredients-such as emu oil and lecithin-that will help improve the luster and thickness of hair. In fact, the lecithin will prevent cellular oxidation as well as promote cellular membrane vitality. The end result is hair that is less brittle and dry, and lecithin has also been shown to help promote sleep; something that is crucial to healthy hair growth.

Regenepure Dr Hair and Scalp Treatment Shampoo

The Regenepure Dr Hair and Scalp Treatment Shampoo is used to prepare the scalp in order to receive the benefits of the Regenepure NT shampoo by thoroughly cleansing the scalp of dirt and other contaminates. In addition, the shampoo will also help foster a quintessential environment for healthy hair growth by removing flakes and reducing scalp itching.

Regenepure Intense Volumizing Biotin Hair Growth Conditioner

The Regenepure Intense Volumizing Biotin Hair Growth Conditioner will stimulate newfound hair growth and prevent further hair loss by providing the hair with the nutrients it requires to grow optimally. The conditioner also contains tripeptide GHK; a potent copper peptide that has the ability to reduce inflammation as well as remodel anatomical tissue.




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