7 Flattering Hair Cuts for Men with Thinning Hair

Just because you’re a man and your hair is thinning does not mean that it’s time for the big shave. Here we have compiled a list of 7 flattering hair cuts for men with thinning hair that are sure to boost your confidence!


  1. Flow Free


A haircut that keeps length in mind, the free flowing strands allow even thin hair to be wild. This flowing haircut doesn’t have a part, giving the hair the freedom to change direction at the swish of the wind. The longer strands can be styled to give it a fuller look or even the random brush of finger through the hair as well. The cut is still short and close to the head, yet it gives those who want to keep their length a little further from the scalp the option to do so. Free flowing hair is more of an everyday haircut than a professional option, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good for both.


  1. Silhouette


A close cut, silhouettes are great for thinning hair that isn’t quite ready to be buzzed off completely. Darker hair is better for this cut since the hair can hide the scalp and stop if from being able to be seen through.This cut is effortless to take care of and helps the hair look thick with the close strands. No matter what type of face a man has, this cut is great for all. The vital thing to remember when it comes to dark thin hair is that keeping it short gives it a fuller look. Longer hair makes the thinness stand out to those who pay attention.


  1. Side swipe


This hair cut leaves length to those thinning strands, but styles the hair so it is parted on the side. Parting hair to one side, gently sticking towards one eye can help the hair seem lengthy yet give it a style without the added texture.The side swipe is great for any hair color and is usually a bit longer than most men’s haircuts. The longer locks are not long enough to reach the ears, but can lay over a receding hairline. Although it’s not completely covering the forehead, the side cut is a better way to keep a longer cut while not leaving the top a mess.


  1. Short & Structured


This haircut is a nice style with cropped sides, flowing directly into the facial hair of any man. This look uses facial hair to your advantage, creating a cut that works together with the hair from the chin to the top of the head.This short haircut allows a free flow on the top while working its way down to the facial hair, highlighting the facial features. Enhancing the features gives a fuller look to those thin strands as well.


  1. Matte Cut


This sexy hairstyle is a carefree cut for those wanting to defy the flat standards. Random tendrils on top of the head, styled to stand up gives hair the added bonus of looking thicker than it is. Working with products to help the hair stand tall, this cut is great for business needs or a night on the town. While longer hair can be left on the side, cutting it a bit shorter gives the top a better look. The matte cut creates the appearance of fuller hair on top of the head with the almost shaved sides.


  1. Boardroom Cut


This cut is great for all those business men out there. Staying true to thin hair, this cut doesn’t hide the thinning hair. Instead it allows a close cut to add to the already immaculate style of any business man. This sharp looks is great for the nearly nonexistent hair. The strands are short on the side, laying flat against the scalp while the top strands overlay one another. This is great for any hair color or face shape.


  1. Buzz Cut


Maybe styling the hair isn’t something that you like to do in the morning. To avoid all the extra hassle of longer hair, you can take drastic measures. Buzz cuts are the easiest to not only get done, but keep maintained. While buzz cuts can be the complete shaving of hair from the head, another type is also around. Buzzing the sides while leaving a little length near the front is a great option if you’re looking for a different type of buzz cut. Using varying lengths in a buzz cut can achieve a more full look as opposed to the all out shave off look.


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