Hair Conditioner: When, How, and Why Men Should Use It

Why You Need Hair Conditioner

conditioner for thinning hairConditioner (as the name suggests) is used to condition the strands of hair rather than clean it. But why condition the hair rather than clean?

Each hair is covered in tiny cells which look a bit like fish scales. Any damage caused to these to stand out. It makes the hair look dull and rough. Conditioners basically smooth down these scales making your hair look shiny and smooth.

The benefits of having smoother hair scales is usually less static and lot less split ends this gives a boost in the confidence because it makes the hair so much easier to style.

But, to some of us unfortunates, it’s not just about looks.

On one side, the shampoo opens the hair’s scales, while on the other conditioner locks it back up keeping all the right essential nutrients in while keeping the pollutants out.

This in turn strengthens the hair shaft, preventing breakage, split ends, and even hair loss.

What is the best way or time to use it?

men need hair conditioner tooThe traditionally correct way of using conditioner the correct way is by conditioning right after you shampoo.

What this accomplishes is that when you shampoo your hair, it cleans all the dirt and pollutants away giving fresh new start for the hair, then when we condition the hair, it gives way for more clean and nutritional approach to healthy hair growth.

Although the general recommendation for conditioning the hair is a few times per week (around 2-3 times a weeks) people tend to do this every day. And this does not show any signs of harmful activity.

But words of the wise, smart work is better than hard work

If you hair is really thin and secretes far more oil than an average person, it is best to condition less often.

If your hair is thicker than usual and is especially dry or damaged for any apparent reason, conditioning should be far more regular part of your everyday hair care regime.

Shampoo and conditioner = Coffee and cream!

A very common mistake made by a lot of people is that you only need one. Shampoo or Conditioner! Well, in reality, your hair needs both but you need to know why, when and how to use them.

So the best is to know your hair type, and with carefully calculated math you will make the perfect hair care regime that will fit you the best.

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