Minoxidil for Hair Loss & Hair Regrowth

Man controls hair lossMinoxidil is a prominent vasodilation medicine used for regrowing hair in women and men with gradually thinning hair. It is most effective for people under forty years of age which is often applied as a liquid to scalp. This widely used hair growth product is available in two dosage (Minoxidil 2% and minoxidil 5%) forms, solution as well as foam. Hair loss patients use Minoxidil for support and maintenance of existing hair follicles. It is understood that Minoxidil causes hyper polarization of cell membranes by widening blood vessels. Typical treatment using Minoxidil utilize a 5% concentrated solution for men and 2% concentrated solution for women. Different varieties of Minoxidil occur as a white, crystalline powder, soluble in alcohol propylene glycol. Its chemical name is 2,4-Pyrimidinediamine, 6-(1-piperidinyl)-, 3-oxide. Anhydrous lactose, colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, and microcrystalline cellulose are the inactive ingredients of this popular hair loss treatment medication. Individual users of regular (2%) and extra strength (5%) Rogaine have claimed success rates of 30-40% and 50-60% respectively.

Origin of Minoxidil

In earlier days, Minoxidil was used as an exclusive oral drug to treat high blood pressure. A solution containing small amount of this vasodilation was sold in United States of America under the brand name Rogaine. An off patent drug, Minoxidil is available over the counter in many world countries including Great Britain.

Uses of Minoxidil

It has been scientifically proved that Minoxidil is very effective in prevention of hair loss and establishing hair re-growth in individuals suffering from baldness. Minoxidil will dilate blood vessels in the scalp that will improve hair follicle function. It is reported that this unique hair loss medication will encourage growth of new hair in women. Rogaine is a clear alcohol based solution and it should be applied to a person’s thinning area with its dropper.

Efficacy of Minoxidil for hair loss

Minoxidil is known for long term efficacy in male pattern baldness. A publicly available research report says that progressive regression or stabilization of the bald area was noticed in many patients after the usage of a topical mixture consisting of 3% Minoxidil solution and other drugs. According to researchers, this therapeutic or preventive effect is statistically significant.

Research and Studies

During research conducted on Minoxidil and its varieties, scientists noticed that it had not any drug related adverse reactions. New research has shown that Rogaine exerts its effect on hair follicle by opening adenosine potassium channels located in dermal papilla. Recent research study by USA based scientists will pave the way towards developing a cream for preventing baldness.

Minoxidil is approved by FDA for hair loss treatment

As their results are quite impressive, FDA approved Propecia and Rogaine for hair loss treatment.

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