5 Thinning Hair Tips and Tricks to Get Your Confidence Back

More than 30 million Americans suffer from thinning hair. The thinning can span from heavy thinning to moderate, and depends on several factors, both internal and external. Simple things like knowing when to detangle your hair to special hair cuts can help minimize and even halt this thinning. Here, we provide some quick, affordable and safe thinning hair tips that will help you gain your confidence back!

1. Detangle Your Hair

First and foremost, hair tangling should be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, thin hair are particularly vulnerable to wind and static; both culprits that can lead to intense hair tangling.  Hairsprays can also lead to tangling, which is unfortunate, as many turn to hairsprays and tease combs to help volumize their thinning hair, however, it’s important to keep this in mind when brushing. Some people may also turn to conditioners to help reduce the probability of hair entanglement. However, many of the most potent detangling hair conditioners actually weigh down hair with their ingredients, reducing the organic bounce of hair in the process.

conditioner for thinning hair

All is not lost, as you can help preserve more hair strands by detangling your hair before you take a shower: This is because dry hair is actually far stronger than wet hair. As for conditioner, we would recommend using the Regenepure Intense Biotin Volumizing Conditioner that is packed with nourishing and thickening ingredients to help make detangling a thing of the past. Simply work in the product to the bottom two-thirds of your hair, and rinse thoroughly. Use a wide tooth comb to help detangle your wet hair in order to reduce the amount of follicular breakage.

2. Get a Special Hair Cut

thinning hair haircut

Those with bob haircuts should also layer their hair in order to exude a fuller appearance. In addition, dry shampoos come highly recommended for people with thin hair, as thinning hair is more susceptible to accelerated oiling. In other words, thinner hair has less volume to absorb the amount of hair that the scalp produces, so using a dry shampoo can help curb the problem.

3. Use the Right Products

Using the right products for your hair is of utmost importance. If you’re thinning, shedding, or experiencing some hair fall, the Regenepure Complete Kit is exactly what you need. The DR contains anti hair fall ingredients, which helps tackle the build up of DHT on the scalp, one of the main causes of hair loss. The NT is formulated with caffeine and jojoba oil to stimulate the follicles, while moisturizing the scalp and hair. Then, follow up with the Biotin Conditioner, a thickening and moisturizing conditioner that delivers nourishment to the scalp, while making your hair look and feel significantly thicker. If you have bald spots, use the minoxidil spray with our unique swivel applicator that allows for direct targeting of bald spots. For internal use, make sure to use the Biotin Supplement


4. Eat Healthy and Exercise


It should also be noted that a poor diet can actually exacerbate hair loss. In fact, hair is made of protein compounds, so eating a diet rich in protein can help facilitate and accelerate hair growth, reversing the effects of hair thinning as a result. Also, if you are a man with thinning hair then we would recommend that you keep your hair short. Men with thinning or receding hair lines tend to benefit from buzz cuts, as they tend to look more natural than the use of a toupee or a comb over. Finally, growing some facial hair can help divert attention from your thinning hair if you are a man, and reducing the amount of stress in your life can help slow down the hair loss process.

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