Bodybuilding And Hair Loss: Myth or Reality?

Web is full of studies showing link between bodybuilding and occurrence of hair loss. Many have shown that the chances of hair loss, thinning increases with bodybuilding, especially with use of mass building supplements and diets.

Something about hair loss in men

Hair loss is a complex process involving genetics, hormones and many other factors. It is one of the unsolved mysteries of the universe and that is why we are still trying to understand and solve the mystery till date.

One of the main and frequent cause of hair loss in men is androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. The main culprit is DHT buildup at follicle level and sensitivity of hair follicles to DHT, which leads to shrinkage, thinning and eventually hair loss resulting in baldness. Find out more about Hair Loss in Men Here.

What is DHT?

DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is a byproduct of testosterone and is governed by certain factors and having higher testosterone results in higher DHT levels.

BodyBuilding (9)Does Testosterone Increases in Body builders?

No, it does not.

But if bodybuilder is taking testosterone supplements, steroids or testosterone injections for speeding the process of muscle building then it does increases the levels of testosterone, hence increase DHT levels resulting in hair loss.

Those taking nutritional supplements without the testosterone or steroids will not have an increase of testosterone or DHT.


What if one is prone to genetic hair loss?

Those who are prone to lose hair with predisposing genetic factors, might see an acceleration in hair thinning and hair loss with bodybuilding.  Factors responsible for increase in hair loss are not known but might be due to increase in muscle mass. Find out more about Androgenic Alopecia Here.

What to Do to Tackle and Reverse Hair Loss?

If you noticed hair thinning, but can’t stop using supplements, then make a few additions. Some changes in routine and diet have to be made if you want to keep your hair.

Who said you have to lose one thing to gain another. You continue your work out and keep your hair at the same time.

Proper Hair Care:

men-conditionMany a times we fail to properly maintain our hair after all, we are men. The secret is to start early with an aim to tackle hair thinning in the early stages. Try using hair care products that have fewer harsh chemicals, no SLS or Parabens with ingredients to curb DHT levels at follicular level while nourishing the hair you have.

Try a shampoo for hair loss with Anti-DHT ingredients.

Avoid Excessive washing, hair treatments, coloring as this will remove the natural oils on your hair and cause damage.


Use a leave in conditioner after hair wash to reverse damage while protecting hair cuticles.

Don’t roughly comb or brush your hair, as it can also damage your strands and follicles.


Eat a balanced diet that includes all types of foods. Your body needs vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Just proteins are not enough to achieve this goal. Eat meat, green vegetables, fruits, nuts and pulses to receive a strong dose of all essential nutrients regularly.

Stay hydrated during the day. We cannot stress this enough. Your body needs water even if you feel like you don’t. 99% cellular functions need water. Have 8 glasses in 24 hours.

This will replace the water your body loses while sweating.

Avoid Testosterone and Say No To Drugs:

Alcohol, steroids and shady supplements will do you no good. Alcohol will undoubtedly cause damage to liver, kidneys and the brain.

While steroids will put your testicles in a hyper state to work beyond limits. Ask yourself, what are you gaining from this?

Normal supplements are fine because you do need a little boost. But steroids will only make you puff, not buff. When they start wearing off, your muscles will turn into flab.

Do your body &  hair a favor and don’t use.

Avoid Stress:

Working out can be a great stress.

Set aside time to work, exercise and rest. These three things need to be done in balance. It is impossible to work and exercise all day, everyday. Unless you are an Instagram or social media modal and this is what you get paid to do.

In a normal situation you are a student or have a job. Both categories need your full focus and undivided attention. Adding exercise to your routine is a very good idea.

Get eight hours of sleep in weekdays and ten hours on weekends. Stress, tension and anxiety releases chemicals in the body that deteriorate mental and physical health.

Periodically it is good to take a break and just do nothing. Let your body and mind rest. Eliminate stress factors and prioritize things in life from most to least important.

An organized routine will keep your mind healthy. The body will definitely follow. Remember to stay hydrated, eat properly, get good sleep and have a  lazy day once a week.

How to Regrow:

can-hair-grow-backUse FDA approved treatment for hair loss. Minoxidil 5% is available as foam, dropper and spray form.

Minoxidil Spray form is superior as it allows mist spray application, which gets better absorbed at the scalp and not on hair, where it is of no use.

Minoxidil can take from 3 to 6 months for growing hair back with desired results (hair elongation and thickening) in up to 12 months’ time.

Minoxidil needs to be used as long as you need hair to grow hair.


No single remedy or product can be a solution but rather a combination of products, healthy diet and healthy living life style free of stress can help get a head full of healthy hair.

Whether you want to believe that bodybuilding causes hair loss, or you want to believe there are outside factors, there are ways of reducing damage.

You can have the best of both worlds by working out your body and keeping your head full of hair.

Keep your body in shape and avoid any harmful decisions that will affect your health and hair.

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