Can Hair Grow Back?

There are many aspects which can cause a person to go bald. Sometimes those problems are avoidable (Stress, Anxiety, etc.) and sometimes it’s just not for you to decide (genetics, etc.), there are countless people who are out there who claim to have a so called “Cure”, but sadly, it is never as quick as they say it is. But, is it actually possible to have your hair grow back? Is there a slightest possibility that this could be true?

Occasionally our hair follicles stop working the way they usually do and stop the production & growth of hair. Once this happens, that is when baldness takes its affect. But it is very important to remember that when this happens the “Why” is very more important then the “How”.

You need to know exactly why this is happening to know how to reverse it.

When I use the term reverse yes it is possible to have your hair reverse the effects of hair fall. But, this is only possible if you trace the problem in the early stages.

There comes a stage where the hair strands begin to thin, this happens when the hair follicle itself begins to shrink. This happens due to many reasons but this mostly happens because of the production of DHT’s (Di-hydro-testosterones)

This eventually leads to some sort of Alopecia

Alopecia is quite a general term that is used to describe various sorts of hair related problems. For eg.

Androgenetic Alopecia is a hair related problem that takes place due to a hereditary genetic problem.

Another name for Androgenic alopecia is Male pattern Baldness.

As said before the main cause of androgenic alopecia is rooted to the hormonal and the genetic factors.  As the name suggests, this form of Alopecia is most commonly found in Men rather than women.

It you are predisposed to have thinner hair due to genetics, it is most likely that you might find it difficult to grow your hair thicker.

However, there are ways that could help with this problem. This is possible if you somehow, someway find a way to reactivate and simulate your hair follicles.

A few methods that would help in reactivating hair follicles

  • Massaging your scalp is a great way of increasing blood flow in your hair follicle. The blood is a vessel of transportation of minerals and nutrients throughout the body. While massaging the head, this causes increased blood flow in the scalp which provides the hair to be nourished with more and more nutrients. But, It is very important that you have a good amount of vitamins and nutrients in the blood to have promote healthy hair growth. It is very important to have a healthy diet for this method.
  • The importance of practicing proper nutrition is a must. If we solely rely on topical treatments, it will merely be like putting a band aid on a person who is suffering from amnesia. It just does not make sense
  • Everyone would like to have a good and easy, and healthy life, following a proper and good routine eating the right foods and sustaining mental and physical comforts. Unfortunately for us, sustaining such a diet can be very difficult and very expensive, particularly for those who have full families to look after.
  • So for those who cannot afford to buy all those expensive items on the list to fulfill their daily need of vitamins and nutrients, we would advise that you take a dietary supplement that would provide you with the right amount of vitamins and minerals that you need and also be easy and lite on the wallet.

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