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Difference between the two shampoo I want to give Regenepure a try. What is the difference between the two?Thank you.

August 31st, 2013

The difference between the shampoos is that the DR contains ketoconazole. The NT does not contain ketoconazole, but it does contain lecithin and horsetail extract. There is a certain way to use ours shampoos in a combo depending on your hair type:

If you have a hair type that is normal to dry:
Alternate between daily use; first day use RegenePure DR then the second day use RegenePure NT.

If you have oily and/or thin hair:
You should use both products daily with RegenePure DR followed by RegenePure NT
(with these hair types, you should know that RegenePure NT will replace your conditioner).

If you have very dry, thick, and/or longer hair type:
You should alternate between daily use; first day use RegenePure DR then second day use RegenePure NT, and follow with a quality, sulfate-free and paraban-free conditioner.

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