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Why are people in hair loss forums saying to use the Regenepure DR first followed by the NT?

September 28th, 2010

Many people are using the Regenepure shampoos to stop hair loss and potentially grow hair due to the ingredient Ketoconazole that is found in the DR product.  The NT (Nourishing Treatment) has many great conditioning agents and people are using it in place of their conditioner.
Ketoconazole has a drying effect for certain users so they are using that product first.

Will this help my hair back to normal?

September 25th, 2010

My hair is breaking off. Probably due to using the flat iron alot. My hair normally is straight with a little wave. I’m very concerned of losing my hair completely. My hair now looks dull, unhealthy, alot of split ends and my hair has broken on top of my head but not from the roots. What product can you advice me to use?

NT version as stand alone shampoo

September 25th, 2010

Can the NT version used as stand alone shampoo or should it always used in combination with the DR version.

Available in the UK ?

September 25th, 2010

Hi there

Great products here I must say. Will you be making your products available here in the UK ?!! Unfortunately we rarely get any decent shampoos over here. Yours in hope.

Regards, Nick in London

I see the DR version of RegenePure has Ketoconozole as an ingredient. What is Ketoconozole?

November 15th, 2009

Ketoconazole is used as an antifungal agent and is used in some of the finest dandruff shampoos available.  There have been studies showing that  Ketoconazole can also actually grow hair.

My hair is very thin, when will my hair feel begin to feel thicker and healthier?

November 15th, 2009
Your hair will feel thincker after just one application.  Long term results will be achieved after multiple applications.

Can RegenePure DR and RegenePure NT be used with hair growth medications that I currently use like Propecia and Minoxodyl?

November 15th, 2009
Definitely, It is a compliment to your daily routine and will prepare your scalp safely and properly to encourage the optimal environment for other hair growth treatments.
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