• Jan 29

    Biotin for Hair & Hair Growth

    Biotin is a water soluble variety of Vitamin B and it is known by other names such as vitamin H or coenzyme R. Different varieties of them support the health of skin, nerves, digestive tract and metabolism. Biotin is considered as an effective treatment for nerve pathology especially peripheral neuropathy resulting from kidney failure. Research studies of yesteryears suggest that a combination of biotin and chromium will improve blood sugar in patients with Type 2 diabetes. As human body recycles already used biotin, genuine biotin deficiency is very rare. It is mainly used to treat biotin deficiency associated with pregnancy, long term tube feeding, ....Read More

  • Jan 26

    Minoxidil for Hair Loss & Hair Regrowth

    Minoxidil is a prominent vasodilation medicine used for regrowing hair in women and men with gradually thinning hair. It is most effective for people under forty years of age which is often applied as a liquid to scalp. This widely used hair growth product is available in two dosage (Minoxidil 2% and minoxidil 5%) forms, solution as well as foam. Hair loss patients use Minoxidil for support and maintenance of existing hair follicles. It is understood that Minoxidil causes hyper polarization of cell membranes by widening blood vessels. Typical treatment using Minoxidil utilize a 5% concentrated solution for men and 2% concentrated solution for ....Read More

  • Nov 07

    Styling Tips for Women with Thinning Hair

    Thinning hair can cause emotional stress and lack of confidence. Especially when you are a woman, hair styling can be a pain when you don’t have much to work with. However, if you have naturally thin hair or thinning hair due to hair loss, we are here to give you three styling tips that will sure to boost your self-confidence. The first tip is to consider which hair cut you get. Make sure you go to a stylist that knows exactly what they are doing because there is nothing worse than getting a bad haircut. Just how a piece of clothing can alter your shape, a haircut can do the same thing. Layered haircuts add movement to the hair while making ....Read More

  • Nov 04

    Niacin (Vitamin B3)

    There are many vitamins and nutrients that can be taken orally and topically as a means to combat a number of internal and external issues. As mentioned in previous articles, Biotin also known as Vitamin B7 is included in this category. Another B vitamin that also serves this purpose, is Vitamin B3 also known as Niacin. What is Niacin? Niacin is considered a water-soluble B-Complex Vitamin which are micronutrients that serve to improve overall health. These vitamins are very low to non-existent in regards to risk of toxicity and they are also known for assisting in hair growth and hair health. In addition to hair health, B complex vitamins also ....Read More

  • Oct 28

    9 Oils that Help Promote Healthy Hair Growth

    You may have heard of it before—natural oils help hair growth. They’re talked about like it’s an ancient secret passed down across generations. Some believe it started with the Indians, while others think it was the Egyptians. However, what matters most is that the secret is out! We’ve done some research and found the nine most talked about oils to help you grow your hair out, while making it healthier than ever. Avocado Oil – This is one of the most recommended oils to use on your hair, which is why it’s at the top of our list. Loaded with nutrients, vitamins, and a few other essentials, Avocado Oil does your hair a huge favor. Great ....Read More

  • Oct 28

    How to Prevent Hair Loss

    Hair loss is a condition that countless people suffer from around the world. With society’s increased awareness of the importance of looking and feeling their best, finding preventative methods to stay as young as possible is of utmost importance to them. There are several methods to help prevent hair falling out from the scalp, both natural and chemical based. Below are some easy methods on how to prevent hair loss. Do less to your hair: It might seem like this is common knowledge, but sometimes, people end up doing too many things to their scalp to prevent hair loss that they end up causing more damage than before. Taking care of your hair ....Read More

  • Oct 24

    Three Simple Ways to Treat Dandruff

    Dandruff is a condition that gives you a flaking, itchy scalp. The dandruff on your scalp is from small pieces of dead skin in your hair that can cause insecurity and depression. Noted as one of the most common dermatological conditions, dandruff has grown into a large concern by the general public, giving consumers several products and ways to treat it. Here are a few simple remedies that don’t require medicine that you can use to help treat your dandruff today. First, you can use a shampoo that is specifically designed to treat dandruff. If you are using a shampoo that isn’t helping with your dandruff, finding one that contains zinc can ....Read More

  • Oct 21

    Benefits of Peppermint Oil for Hair

    Peppermint oil is derived from the peppermint plant which is a cross between water mint and spearmint and is a native to Europe and the Middle East. Currently, the peppermint plant can be found in many parts of the world including North America. Peppermint oil like many others including, tea tree oil and emu and jojoba oils, provide multiple benefits to the hair and skin when applied topically. This oil houses multiple beneficial components including calcium, iron, potassium and copper, Vitamin A and C as well as omega-3 fatty acids. Together, all of these minerals and nutrients work together to combat a number of hair and skin ailments. Combats ....Read More

  • Oct 17

    Five Things to Address When Looking at Hair Loss

    Treating hair loss can be a tricky subject. Hair loss is dependent on several factors such as genetics and vitamin deficiencies. We have compiled a list of five things that you must look at before treating your hair loss to prevent aggravating your situation and on the road to success. See your doctor- Hair loss can be a symptom of a disease you have yet to discover. For example, lupus and diabetes are two common causes that have hair loss as a symptom. If these two diseases are ruled out, you might suffer from a fungal scalp infection or alopecia. Go to a professional to check it out before diagnosing yourself, something that can cause further ....Read More

  • Oct 07

    Horsetail and Hair Health

    What is Horsetail? Horsetail is a prehistoric plant that is also identified by its other names including puzzle grass, bottlebrush, snake grass and pewterwort and its botanical name, Equisetum Arvense. This tall green plant with its hollow bamboo like stems serves as a beneficial ingredient especially in regards to hair growth. Over the past few weeks we have gone more in depth into the benefits of a variety of different ingredients including caffeine, copper peptides, jojoba oil, keratin as well as others, and this week will be no different as we explore the benefits that horsetail extract has on hair. The Benefits of Horsetail Horsetail extract ....Read More

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